The Leadership Academy, created by LeadershipHQ is your new home of online leadership training and education. The first online, leadership training course in the academy, taking leadership education in Australia to a whole new level is finally here.

Leadership Academy Course #1

Leadership Program and Toolkit

What is the Leadership Toolkit and Course?

The Leadership Toolkit and Course is a complete online leadership training program for aspiring and experienced leaders.

Course Overview

The Leadership Toolkit Course is an enjoyable and interactive course that teaches you essential skills to equip you for your leadership journey.

The course will help you to discover your personal leadership style, appreciate and harness your strength whilst giving you a “toolkit” of resources you can draw on at any time in your leadership journey.

Learning Outcomes

By focussing on 4 key components of leadership this course teaches you how to identify appropriate leadership and communication strategies that will work for you and how to implement them in your unique situation.

The course will also help you plan a future for your leadership either as an individual or within your current team allowing you to scale your leadership.

Key Information

Start Date:

Continuous Intakes: start the course anytime

Study Mode:

Online content with moderated interaction groups and monhtly accountability calls


Take as long as you need.

Each student will interact with the content differently and take a different amount of time.

If you are doing the course in a group, allowing 9-12 Months is a good amount of time.


The course is completely online and can be accessed anywhere you have internet connection.

To make it easier to read the material we recommend accessing the content via tablet or desktop.

Price:  $497 plus GST (RRP $697)

10 or more enrolling? Find out about our corporate packages.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about what is inside the box? Let us unpack things a little more.

Who is this course for?

The Leadership Toolkit and Course is for anyone who:

  • wants to become a leader in their organisation
  • desires to develop the skills that will help them be comfortable with the title of leader
  • has leadership skills and wants to develop them further
  • is committed to growth in their career
  • has a team they are responsible for

Who developed this course?

Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald

CEO LeadershipHQ

Sonia McDonald, CEO & Founder of LeadershipHQ; is an Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author. Sonia McDonald was recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women across the globe by Richtopia. She loves to inspire & motivate leaders to think differently, be the best they can be & empower everyone to see themselves as leaders. She is making a difference. Her purpose is to build leadership capability, confidence and leadership attitude across the Globe.

Tony Wiggins

Tony Wiggins

HR Consultant

Tony Wiggins (FCPHR) has over three decades experience as a HR practitioner and has seen first hand what makes people rise to the top in leadership and what makes them flounder. Tony is a very experienced and innovative change maker and HR strategist who is dedicated to adding value to his clients and has proven ability to achieve results through his work in Finance, Government and not for profit sectors.

Tony has taken his experience in the field and synthesised it for you into the first course in the Leadership Attitude Academy.

Time to get started?

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What are people saying?

The reviews are in and people are loving the Leadership Toolkit and Course.

Join those that have already started fanning the leadership flames within.

The Leadership Attitude Toolkit was far more in depth than I was expecting! The content is rich and there is so much scope. I will be going back through the chapters and using the course as a resource for many years into the future.



CEO, Storyskilling

I am already through the first Chapter of the Leadership Attitude Toolkit and have learnt so much about myself as a leader and the impact that can have on my leadership style and therefore my team. I can’t wait to continue learning and developing as a leader and am looking forward to watching the fruit of this learning in my business.


Director, Audacious Digital

Sonia has been a highly engaging executive coach helping me to unlock superior levels of performance from my team, working with me on my leadership style and driving a highly engaged and motivated employee culture. She is 100% focused on her client, genuinely and authentically helping them to achieve outstanding results and perform at their best.


Asset Manager, Dexus

Sonia’s integrity and passion for leadership shine through in everything she does. As my coach, Sonia has provided a structure that’s helped me to reflect on my strengths, build on my capabilities, and set and achieve goals. Her sage insights and constructive feedback keep me focused and on track. If you are looking for a coach that lives and breathes leadership, Sonia should be at the top of your list.


General Manager, Seqwater

Thank you also for everything you have done for me in the leadership course. I actually received some good feedback from my operations manager about how he had noticed a significant improvement in my performance and my relationships around the business over the past year. I have gained a lot from the toolkit and program.


Project Manager, Tomkins

What can you expect to gain?

The Leadership Toolkit and Course will help you to reach your career goals, develop your own leadership style and grow as a leader. Where will these new skills take you? Well that’s up to you!

So far alumni from the Leadership Toolkit Course have told us that they now have the confidence to lead their teams more effectively and are reaching their sales goals, they have applied for promotions – and got them, and they have re-entered the workforce after a time away, all because of what they have learnt in the Leadership Toolkit.

What are you going to achieve?

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