Leadership Academy Corporate Rates

Calling all Managers and CEO’s

May I ask you a question?

Are your leaders up to scratch?

If your leadership team is not achieving increases in productivity and performance, your business is stuck right where it is now.

I’m seeing a lot of businesses and organisations stalled when they don’t need to be.

Has your management team lost its way?

It’s easy to be drained by the demands of leadership and unless we take care of our leaders, we’ll lose them.

When our leaders are drained, so are our organisations.

They lose the passion…the vision…the spark that keeps everyone around them motivated and excited about their work.

LHQ’s Leadership Academy has helped 100’s of leaders. The Academy offers courses that are focussed on the leadership needs of individuals and teams in the workplace.

They produce fast and effective results.

Leadership Attitude Academy courses are now available to organisations.

Improve your business performance with a leadership team equipped for the challenges of leadership.

Improve your business performance with a leadership team equipped for the challenges of leadership.

  • Corporate rates for companies with multiple leaders which means affordable training exactly when your people need it.
  • Improved communication and cooperation between your leaders which means accelerated leadership and business growth.
  • A clear way to identify potential leaders and develop them at their own pace which means they’ll be confident and capable even before they take up a leadership role.
  • Your people can work on the course content as a team or as individuals, so they can progress at a rate they are comfortable with.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to enrol your leadership or management team in the Leadership Academy at a special corporate rate. Below are some of our amazing corporate rates!


$295 then $416.50 from 1st July

10 – 50


$245 then $357 from 1st July



$195 then $297.50 from 1st July



$145 then $178.50 from 1st July

501 – 1000


Above 1000


The Academy’s program can be tailored to fit with your management development objectives as well as we licence HR teams and leaders to deliver and coach in this Academy.

You can provide leadership training to your team on an ad hoc basis and get ad hoc results.

OR you can offer a structured and high-quality leadership training program which produces high quality results. That’s what you’ll get with the Leadership Attitude Academy.

Give your business the best possible chance of growth and success through highly motivated and keen leaders.

Want to trial the Leadership Academy for your people and your organisation?

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