The Leadership Attitude Academy is the Leadership Training arm of LeadershipHQ. What LeadershipHQ can offer through the Leadership Attitude Academy is courses that are focussed on the leadership needs of those in the workplace RIGHT.NOW.

The courses in the Leadership Attitude Academy are:

Individually created with an individual curriculum, dynamic data and thoughtful engagement strategies

Developed in response to real world situations, current workplaces and future leadership needs Agile and relevant, reflecting current leadership best practice and ideas

Extensively researched, drawing on the expertise of prominent theorists and practitioners both past and present


Regularly updated so that you know you are getting the most responsive and up to date leadership education available

The Leadership Attitude Academy is the brain child of LeadershipHQ Founder and CEO, Sonia McDonald.
“Leadership is something that affects each of us, every single day. And great leadership can transform an individual, a team and an organisation like nothing else can.” Sonia McDonald

Sonia’s passion for leadership is evident in her work across all aspects of what she does and she is particularly proud of the Leadership Attitude Academy.

Stay tuned for what is coming up next for the Leadership Attitude Academy!

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