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    Want to change your life and become one of those great leaders, inspiring those around you and getting better results from yourself and others?Then start your own leadership journey and start improving your performance with our Leadership Academy and Leadership Toolkit today!


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This self-paced Leadership Academy and Toolkit with 17 Modules of incredible content, motivation, and resources have been the edge for leaders of today and for tomorrow in their career and business.

LHQ have coached and trained 100’s of people in our Leadership Academy, and 95% of them have achieved –

  • Promotions!
  • More confidence!
  • Greatly improved skills and capability!
  • Belief in themselves!
  • Unlocked potential!
  • Clarity of their purpose and who they really are!
  • Leadership excellence!

Valued at over $4000

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What Is the Leadership Academy?

We use proven methods (backed by science!) to give you the highest impact training and coaching possible, to set you up for SUCCESS.


Who you are and your leadership journey so far.


Discover the leadership strengths you already have so you can polish them to brilliance.


Understand who you are as a leader in the context of both work and personal life.


Determine when and why you feel unclear or stuck in your leadership journey.


Perform, develop and use your new Leadership Skills for becoming the best leader you can be.

Leadership Toolkit

Start your leadership journey TODAY by beginning a Leadership Academy Course.

Discover and harness your personal leadership style so you can inspire others and achieve success.

We want you to be a Great Leader. This toolkit will take you on a journey to be the leader you want to be. We will be your online Leadership Coach and Mentor! The Leadership Toolkit was developed by world-renowned executive leadership coach Sonia McDonald and her team at LeadershipHQ to work with her exclusive clients. For the first time ever it is now available ONLINE! By purchasing you receive;

  • Leadership Toolkit with 17 Modules
  • Learn about Self and People Leadership as well as cutting-edge Leadership Modules
  • Leadership Exercises and Reflections
  • Inspirational Videos
  • Great Leadership Resources
  • Leadership Action Plans
  • Access to a LHQ Coach either face to face or online


ONLY $497 plus GST
(Valued at over $4000)

(*30 Day Money Back Guarantee!)

Join today and be part of the community of great leaders across the globe.
Leadership starts with you. Start. Now.

95% LeadershipHQ’s Program Alumni say working with them and completing their programs is the single largest contributor to their success in their and businesses.

LHQ Alumni

I have absolutely loved the Leadership Attitude Academy and feel so lucky. I am reluctant to hit the “Mark Complete” button because I don’t want it to end. I have finished the content and keep revisiting the chapters where I think I need a bit more focus (and where my fave talks or articles are).


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